Attendance Policy

Private Duty Home Healthcare, LLC regards punctuality and attendance as a critical factor in providing the level of quality care that our clients depend on from us.  It is also necessary for efficient and cost effective operations. All employees are expected to be punctual and present at work on every workday, at their scheduled arrival time, unless ill, on vacation, or on other approved time off.


A point system will be used to provide fair and consistent enforcement of attendance policy and to monitor attendance. Points are assessed on a rolling twelve month period. Points for an occurrence will remain in effect for a maximum period of twelve (12) months from the date of the occurrence. Points for occurrences older than twelve months will be removed and otherwise have no effect.

The following definitions apply to the point system:

Absence – An employee calls off for an assigned, scheduled work day/shift, for one or more consecutive work shifts. An Absence can be one (1) day or several consecutive days.  A doctors note is required for missing > than 2 consecutive days of work.  A doctors note may be required for a call off in the first 90 days of employment.

Late/Tardy – Failure to report to work at the start of a scheduled work day/shift, but reporting to work four (4) hours or less into the work day/shift. Arrival late by more than four (4) hours is considered an Absence. If the employee is to be late, a call must be made by the employee to inform his/her supervisor. If no call is made, it is considered Late with No Call, unless the supervisor is satisfied that the call to the facility or office was basically impossible to make. Note: All late time is unpaid.

Early Quit – Leaving work before the scheduled end of work day/shift. If the employee leaves more than 50% of the scheduled hours early, it is treated as an Absence.

No Show/No Call – Failure to call the office before the start of an employee’s work day/shift to report an absence, unless the supervisor is satisfied that the failure to call the office was excusable.

Points shall be assessed for the following reasons and in the following amounts:


No Show/No Call: 3 – 4

First time = Three (3) points  (Unless the supervisor is satisfied that the failure to call the office was excusable, a no call no show is grounds for immediate termination after the first time.)

Second time = four (4) points

Third time = Termination

Absence = one (1) point for first day, half (1/2) point for each consecutive day; same occurrence. If you have a doctors note it will count as only 1 point total.

Late (greater than 10 minutes) with No Call = one (1)

Late/Tardy (greater than 10 minutes) with Call = half (1/2) point

Late/Tardy less than 10 minutes with Call = 0 points for first 2 occurrences then 1/4 point  next 2 occurrences, then 1/2 point next 2 occurrences, etc.

Late/Tardy less than 10 minutes with No Call = 1/4 point for first occurrence then 1/2 point

Early Quit = half (1/2) point

During an employee’s first ninety (90) days of employment, point values are doubled. Upon satisfactorily completing the probationary period, all point values in an employee’s active record will revert to the normal values, however, any discipline given utilizing those points will remain in effect if the employee continues employment.

Point values double on weekends after first weekend occurrence.

Point values double on Holidays

Points accumulated shall result in the following disciplinary action:

Point Total Action

2 – 3 On-going coaching and counseling

4 Level 1 Reminder (conducted by Supervisor)

5 Level 2 Reminder (written warning)

6 – 7  Decision Making meeting with Supervisor

Next point: Suspension or Termination to be determined by Supervisor

If you need a day/shift off work, please call us in advance, we are willing to help you find another employee to cover your shift or trade a shift with you, so that you don’t have to call off.

Attendance is also factored into any yearly bonus you might receive.